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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hevvy Stones...

Setlist For 5/6/11

~Doom & Related Omnium Gatherum~

Satanic Faith (Intro to album entitled "Stoned") - Acid Witch
2011, Michigone
Thumb* - Kyuss
1992, Palm Desssert
The Hidden Hand (theme) - The Hidden Hand
2003, Not-so-Merryland
Untitled - Kingdom of Magic
2007, Dedver, CO
Antler Wings - Ancestors
2009, Lost Angeles
Alma Magna - Moön
2011, Spain-al Tap
Scorpionica - Orange Goblin
2000, Unkind Kingdoom
Holy - Suma
2002, Swede's Den
Tyrant - Black Math Horseman
2009, Crawlifornia
A Tiempo - Humo Del Cairo
2007, re. 2010, Arrrrgentina
Right is Wrong - Graveyard
2008, Gothenburg ( <- no change)

*For some reason, I think the channel cut out, and the vocals
are pretty much inaudible for most of the Kyuss track. But whatchya gonna do?

Deadicated To The Aural Hellth of Mankind,
this has been NOW WHERE; Stoner Metal edition.

Dronwnload zee show: CLICK HEAR...

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