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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mystic Summertime Brew

Setlist for 6/23/2011

Animalia > Curtíssima > Espelho - Modulo 1000
1971, Brazil
Blind Bird - The Mops
1968, Japan
Vulcan Worlds - Return To Forever
1974, N.Y.C.
The Air - Modest Mouse
2001, Portland
Curve - The Mermen
1996, San Francisco
Lady Caroline - Velvett Fogg
1969, Birmingham, U.K.
Riding A Wave - The Turnstyle
1968, U.K.
The Equaliser - Clinic
2002, Liverpool, U.K.
Veni Vidi Vici - Black Lips
2007, Atlanta
Why Is There War - TRASH
1972, Germany

Olen Erilainen - Pekka Streng

1970, Finland

P.B.E. (by request) - Velvet Underground

1969, N.Y.C.


The Hunter - Citay

2010, San Francisco


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Nowwhere ~ Mystic Summertime Brew

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Songs Du Nordes...

Setlist hailing from the Cosmic Scandinavian Peninsula

Pewt'r Wozniacki - Causa Sui
2011, Denmark
Hej Du - Alrune Rod
1971, Denmark
Havuportti - Circle
2004, Finland
Geordie La Forge - Low Frequency In Stereo
2009, Norway
Tomorrow - The Orange Revival
2010, Sweden
Solen Stigger Upp - Dungen
2002, Sweden
In Love - Fleur De Lis
1972, Denmark
Kasvoton Kuolema Ja Sirhan Sirhan - Suomen Talvisota, 1939-1940
1970, Finland
Chorale Lick - Serena Maneesh
2005, Norway
The End - Topmost
1968, Finland

fjord noise!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Some Saykodelic Jyamming

So we started things off tonight with the unfailing menace of "Double Dare", by arguably the first "Goth" (thanks!) band, BAUHAUS. But it sure is one to wake you up with, holy shit. We then moved into a condensed EARTHLESS jam that burns so bright so fast that it deserves its own complex name to which astronomers' can refer to on their stellar maps of the cosmos. Instead, the boys named it "Jull". Speaking of the atmospheric conditions, a ridiculously heavy MAMMATUS cloud formed after that, raining one seriously heady prog torrent upon our puny civilization (leaving one caller stunned). Wrapping the first set was a little ditty called "Rich Man Poor Man" by THE GROUNDHOGS. Why did this song fit in? Because it was by the only group badass enough for the mighty Earthless to actually cover, that's why (see "Cherry Red"). Soon after, we heard from an almost mythically good band called CAUSA SUI. We heard "Manifestations of Summer, pts 1 & 2", and manifest, it did. About 12 mind-expanding minutes later, we came into something that even diehard SABBATH followers may have never heard; An extended jazz wig-out dubbed "Thomas James" that the core members were toying with before the actual culmination of the song that came to be their name for the next 40 years. After a long, frightful fadeout, TYME unswervingly slashed their way through that timelessly catchy 'naaa na na na naa' number, morphing it into something thoroughly unholy. We rounded out the program with a nasty wah skronk by the likes of RADIO MOSCOW, entitled "Hold on Me", and that was that.

From '68 to '09 with many-a-stop in between, this has been the psychedelic sound of NOW WHERE radio.

keep it easy.

Setlist for 6/10/11

Double Dare - Bauhaus
1980, U.K.
Jull - Earthless
2008, San Diego

Dragon Of The Deep Part Three (Excellent Swordfight) - Mammatus

2007, Santa Cruz

Rich Man Poor Man - The Groundhogs
1970, U.K.
[Manifestations of Summer:]
Lonesome Traveller > Santa Sangre - Causa Sui
2009, Denmark (I said The Netherlands on-air, I am not sure why)
Thomas James - EARTH (Black Sabbath prototype)
1969, U.K.
Land of 1000 Dances - TYME
1968, U.S.
Hold on Me - Radio Moscow
2009, Story City, IA

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Setlist for that white-hot funk segment

Lindo Sonho Delirante - Fabio
1968, Brazil
Cosmic Sea - The Mystic Moods
1971, U.S.
Ageisheka - The Ogyataana Show Band
Unknown, Ghana
Love On The Run - Galactic
1998, New Orleans
Let's Go! - Panatda
Late 60's, Thailand
Bad Tune - Earth, Wind and Fire
1971, Chicago
Dambakale - Compaore Issouf
1980, Burkina Faso
Papa Was A Rollin' Stone - Jay Berliner
1972, Ahmurrika
Alemendra - Macondo
1972, U.S.
Ritual - Nico Gomez & His African Percussion Inc.
1971, Netherlands ( wtf.)
More - ROB
1977, Ghana
Sweeper Soul - Super Mambo 69
1972, Unknown
Play That Funky Music - Dan Boadi and His African Internationals
1978, Nigeria

Thanks for Listnin.

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