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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Songs Du Nordes...

Setlist hailing from the Cosmic Scandinavian Peninsula

Pewt'r Wozniacki - Causa Sui
2011, Denmark
Hej Du - Alrune Rod
1971, Denmark
Havuportti - Circle
2004, Finland
Geordie La Forge - Low Frequency In Stereo
2009, Norway
Tomorrow - The Orange Revival
2010, Sweden
Solen Stigger Upp - Dungen
2002, Sweden
In Love - Fleur De Lis
1972, Denmark
Kasvoton Kuolema Ja Sirhan Sirhan - Suomen Talvisota, 1939-1940
1970, Finland
Chorale Lick - Serena Maneesh
2005, Norway
The End - Topmost
1968, Finland

fjord noise!

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  1. I posted the Causa Sui artwork huge, because it is spectacular. Instead of taking the ultra-trippy, tried-and-true psychedelic zaniness that can be found on more psych releases than I'd like to mention, they did something a little more subtle. Eschewing classic 60's lettering and bright colors, a good stare into this is still capable of messing with your mind in a simpler, more cerebral kind of way.