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Monday, February 21, 2011

PSYCH ROOTS ~ It's the most fun you can have without phony proof!

(Phony proof is a dated reference to a fake ID, taken from the cover of The Revels album, "Intoxica." DOY!)

In tonight's program, we are to be delving deep into the roots of where psychedelic culture saw first light, embedded in surf, blues, and obviously good ol’ rock and roll.

I didn't post the dates because they are all very similar in range. Psychedelia in general developed extremely quickly between the years 1965 and 1969, but was almost entirely absent before then. '65 is even pretty difficult to pull a true psychedelic track from, but everything in this set was taken from at least BEFORE 1969. '67 was undoubtedly the most vital and fundamental year for psychedelia (and perhaps Rock music in general) in my mind, but you are free to think differently. I also chose almost all American acts because, even though things like funk and rock music were worldwide phenomena, that is for the most part where everyone was taking cues from. If it was happening (and profitable) here, people were covering, copying and expanding upon it everywhere else.

Anyway,.... this was a really fun set to put together, check out the archived show to hear more in-depth details about the songs and artists.

Thanks for listening, and enjoy.


What Is A Fisterris? – The Joker (aka "The Mad Daddy" - 1959, Cleveland Radio DJ)

Seventeenth Summer – The Collectors

The Stompers And The Souls – Davie Allan & The Arrows

Spazz – Elastic Band

Beside the Sea – The Vagrants

Combination of the Two – Yuya Uchida & the Flowers (First recording from the Jap-Rock group later known as The Flower Travellin’ Band) (something to tell your cool friends)

Intoxica - The Revels


Are You Lovin' Me More (But Enjoying It Less) – The Electric Prunes

Quiet Before The Storm - Twentieth Century Zoo

Sunshine Superman – Donovan

O Suicida – Os Mutantes (First single on record from our favorite Brazilians)

The World is on Fire – Strawberry Alarm Clock


Suddenly Winter – The Tremeloes

Reverberation(Doubt) – The 13th Floor Elevators

No Escape – The Seeds


If 6 was 9 (Alternate Unreleased Version) – The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Mp3 ~ old music. new tech.

PS, maybe you noticed we have a follower?!?! Say whaaa?! haha thanks Mallory! Also check her shit out, she's got a few shows on 1190, they're dope and jam-packed with interesting information on the world of music.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

mix # 35,000,000,007

Setlist for 2/18/11:

Introduction > Bangla Dhun – Ravi Shankar, Alakbar Khan

1971, India (recorded in New York)


Crystalline – 35007

2002, Netherlands

Hey Alright – Atomic Bitchwax

1999, New Jersey

Teenage Lima Bean – Laughing Soup Dish

1985, New Jersey

Kamu Talyat – Group Inerane

2007, Niger


Caledonia – Ghost

2007, JAPAN

Narrow With The Hall – Women

2010, Canada

Big Bounce – Nice Nice

2010, Oregon

Mr. Bull Dog – The Mebusas

1973, Nigeria

Free Son - Yesterdays New Quintet

2007, California


One Flowery Sabbath - Black Moth Super Rainbow

2003, Pennsylvania


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


In case that elevator-esque jazz fusion shit strikes a chord with anyone, the songs that I used as a bed behind my voice during talk breaks were entitled “Gamboa” from the band Brazilian Octopus, and “Onde Anda o Meu Amor” by Orlandivo – who were, in fact Brazilian.


Não Fale Com Paredes – Modulo 1000


Pela Rua Da Praia – O Bando


Afrika - The Clevers


Leodocto - Os Incriveis


Atômico, Platônico – Vanusa


Princesa Negra de Angola – Bebeto


Ele Seculo Xx - Com Os Falcoes Reais

Pingo Ç Letra >

Trilha Antiga – Spectrum


Quero Sambar Meu Bem – Tom Ze

Vou Lhe Contar (Pushin Too Hard) - Wanderléa


Felizes Juntinhos (Happy Together) - Os Canibais


God Save The Queen – 14 Bis

+ Distância - Os Brasas


Depois De Um LSD - Os Haxixins


Tinindo Trincando - Os Novos Baianos



Tão longe de Mim – Os Brazões



So I didn't do all the leg-work to figure out the dates for every single song.

Like you care anyway.

Good vybrāshuns, ya'll...


mpfree download: ¡brasil! ~ NOWWHERE 5

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

'nother mix

Setlist for 2/4/11:

2001 Spliff Odyssey - Thievery Corporation

1997, Washington DC


The Rider (Dolphin Song) – Akron Family

2006, Brooklyn

We Share Our Blanket With the Owl - Brightblack Morning Light

2006, Northern California (unincorporated woods) (<- hippies)

Stepping Stones - Johnny Harris

1969, US

Eyes Of Light – Awesome Color

2008, Michigan

D’s Diner – Les Claypool's Frog Brigade

2002, US


Mabala – Yahoos

?? (70’s Africa)

Season of The Witch > You Don’t Love Me

– Super Session (Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper, Stephen Stills)

1968, US


Define A Transparent Dream – Olivia Tremor Control

1996, Athens, GA

I know the file is big - if you choose to download, I won’t be hurt if you delete it after listening.

It’s a radio show.

here. take it. nowwhere IV

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good ole Krauts..

Many of these cuts are from super old German rock bands that released a single or three before dissipating into something else, or often, just vanishing altogether. Others, like Jane, Guru Guru and Fetish Drums, have extensive discos' worth exploring. Colour Haze and Poets of Rhythm are obviously different than the rest, being modern, but this is all German psych that doesn't really fit into the Krautrock bracket that will be featured in later shows.


Years are posted when available.


The War - Shelley


T'was on a Monday Morning - The Steadfasts


Hummel Twist - Tony Cavanaugh & The Liverpool Triumphs


Set Of Teeth Nr. 5The Divers


Sesam Sesam – Lepra


Go Go Mojo - The United 5


MoiraPoets of Rhythm


In The Sea – Gash



Early In The Morning – Jane


Woman - Sound Machine


Illustrated ManDynamo*


Water Sprite – Old Lumber


Dance of the Flames – Guru Guru





G-E-R Many (Demo) – Fetish Drums


All In Vain - Proud Flesh


Drop Out - Holger Muenzer



Tempel - Colour Haze


I know the file is big - if you choose to download, I won’t be hurt if you delete it after listening.

It’s a radio show.

mpfree drownload: nowwhere 3

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Freak Out! (the brain police are after my stoned soul, but you can't kill me)

2nd Installation of Now Where:
another mixed bag of joy and terror.

Stoned Soul - Artie Christopher
1967, U.S.
Who Are The Brain Police? - Frank Zappa
1966, U.S.
Fluid - The Gerbils
1998, Athens
Talybont - Gentle Giant
1975, U.K.

Trouble Every Day - Frank Zappa
1966, U.S.
Up In Her Room - The Seeds
1966, Los Angeles
Passport - Euphone
1998, Chicago
Radio Gnome > You Can't Kill Me - Gong
1971, France/Britian
Wucan - Black Mountain
2008, Vancouver
Never/Ever - The Black Angels
2008, Austin
Haliç'te Güneşin Batışı - Mogollar
1970, Turkey
Light My Fire (cover) - Ananda Shankar*
1970, India

*I stated on-air that Ananda is Ravi Shankar's daughter. two things wrong there:
Ananda is a man, and he was Ravi's nephew, not his son.
'Spose I shoulda checked me facts.

MP3 Download: nowwhere.2
(link is fixed)

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Taste...

1st Installment, January 14, 2011
Ok, a little late, but here is the setlist for the very first edition of "Now Where".

Song - Band
Year, Country

Astro Kopp - The Low
Frequency In Stereo
2005, Norway

Aimless Lady - Suck
1970, South Africa

Xarahad - Os Megatons
1964, Brazil

Devil Woman - Mansion
Unknown (probably mid-70's, Nigeria)

What Can I Say - Dr. Didg

2002, U.K.

Not Right Now - Outspoken Blues

1966, Chicago

Are You The One? Are You The One? - John Mcglaughlin

1978, New York


Lazy Butterfly - Devendra Banhart

2005, U.S.

Mr. Moonlight - Clinic

2002, U.K.

Black Power - The Peace

1970's, Zambia

Lilla Vaennen - Dungen

2001, Sweden


Starship Narrator - Boris

2006, Japan

MP3 DOWNLOAD: nowwhere.1