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Monday, February 21, 2011

PSYCH ROOTS ~ It's the most fun you can have without phony proof!

(Phony proof is a dated reference to a fake ID, taken from the cover of The Revels album, "Intoxica." DOY!)

In tonight's program, we are to be delving deep into the roots of where psychedelic culture saw first light, embedded in surf, blues, and obviously good ol’ rock and roll.

I didn't post the dates because they are all very similar in range. Psychedelia in general developed extremely quickly between the years 1965 and 1969, but was almost entirely absent before then. '65 is even pretty difficult to pull a true psychedelic track from, but everything in this set was taken from at least BEFORE 1969. '67 was undoubtedly the most vital and fundamental year for psychedelia (and perhaps Rock music in general) in my mind, but you are free to think differently. I also chose almost all American acts because, even though things like funk and rock music were worldwide phenomena, that is for the most part where everyone was taking cues from. If it was happening (and profitable) here, people were covering, copying and expanding upon it everywhere else.

Anyway,.... this was a really fun set to put together, check out the archived show to hear more in-depth details about the songs and artists.

Thanks for listening, and enjoy.


What Is A Fisterris? – The Joker (aka "The Mad Daddy" - 1959, Cleveland Radio DJ)

Seventeenth Summer – The Collectors

The Stompers And The Souls – Davie Allan & The Arrows

Spazz – Elastic Band

Beside the Sea – The Vagrants

Combination of the Two – Yuya Uchida & the Flowers (First recording from the Jap-Rock group later known as The Flower Travellin’ Band) (something to tell your cool friends)

Intoxica - The Revels


Are You Lovin' Me More (But Enjoying It Less) – The Electric Prunes

Quiet Before The Storm - Twentieth Century Zoo

Sunshine Superman – Donovan

O Suicida – Os Mutantes (First single on record from our favorite Brazilians)

The World is on Fire – Strawberry Alarm Clock


Suddenly Winter – The Tremeloes

Reverberation(Doubt) – The 13th Floor Elevators

No Escape – The Seeds


If 6 was 9 (Alternate Unreleased Version) – The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Mp3 ~ old music. new tech.

PS, maybe you noticed we have a follower?!?! Say whaaa?! haha thanks Mallory! Also check her shit out, she's got a few shows on 1190, they're dope and jam-packed with interesting information on the world of music.

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