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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good ole Krauts..

Many of these cuts are from super old German rock bands that released a single or three before dissipating into something else, or often, just vanishing altogether. Others, like Jane, Guru Guru and Fetish Drums, have extensive discos' worth exploring. Colour Haze and Poets of Rhythm are obviously different than the rest, being modern, but this is all German psych that doesn't really fit into the Krautrock bracket that will be featured in later shows.


Years are posted when available.


The War - Shelley


T'was on a Monday Morning - The Steadfasts


Hummel Twist - Tony Cavanaugh & The Liverpool Triumphs


Set Of Teeth Nr. 5The Divers


Sesam Sesam – Lepra


Go Go Mojo - The United 5


MoiraPoets of Rhythm


In The Sea – Gash



Early In The Morning – Jane


Woman - Sound Machine


Illustrated ManDynamo*


Water Sprite – Old Lumber


Dance of the Flames – Guru Guru





G-E-R Many (Demo) – Fetish Drums


All In Vain - Proud Flesh


Drop Out - Holger Muenzer



Tempel - Colour Haze


I know the file is big - if you choose to download, I won’t be hurt if you delete it after listening.

It’s a radio show.

mpfree drownload: nowwhere 3

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