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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Freak Out! (the brain police are after my stoned soul, but you can't kill me)

2nd Installation of Now Where:
another mixed bag of joy and terror.

Stoned Soul - Artie Christopher
1967, U.S.
Who Are The Brain Police? - Frank Zappa
1966, U.S.
Fluid - The Gerbils
1998, Athens
Talybont - Gentle Giant
1975, U.K.

Trouble Every Day - Frank Zappa
1966, U.S.
Up In Her Room - The Seeds
1966, Los Angeles
Passport - Euphone
1998, Chicago
Radio Gnome > You Can't Kill Me - Gong
1971, France/Britian
Wucan - Black Mountain
2008, Vancouver
Never/Ever - The Black Angels
2008, Austin
Haliç'te Güneşin Batışı - Mogollar
1970, Turkey
Light My Fire (cover) - Ananda Shankar*
1970, India

*I stated on-air that Ananda is Ravi Shankar's daughter. two things wrong there:
Ananda is a man, and he was Ravi's nephew, not his son.
'Spose I shoulda checked me facts.

MP3 Download: nowwhere.2
(link is fixed)

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