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Monday, February 7, 2011

A Taste...

1st Installment, January 14, 2011
Ok, a little late, but here is the setlist for the very first edition of "Now Where".

Song - Band
Year, Country

Astro Kopp - The Low
Frequency In Stereo
2005, Norway

Aimless Lady - Suck
1970, South Africa

Xarahad - Os Megatons
1964, Brazil

Devil Woman - Mansion
Unknown (probably mid-70's, Nigeria)

What Can I Say - Dr. Didg

2002, U.K.

Not Right Now - Outspoken Blues

1966, Chicago

Are You The One? Are You The One? - John Mcglaughlin

1978, New York


Lazy Butterfly - Devendra Banhart

2005, U.S.

Mr. Moonlight - Clinic

2002, U.K.

Black Power - The Peace

1970's, Zambia

Lilla Vaennen - Dungen

2001, Sweden


Starship Narrator - Boris

2006, Japan

MP3 DOWNLOAD: nowwhere.1

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