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Sunday, September 25, 2011

When Tomorrow Hits...

Setlist for 9/23/11

Allah Wakbarr - Ofo The Black Company
1972, Nigeria
Sunrise - Steve Tibbetts
1977, St. Paul, MN
Sol Y Sambra - Woods
2011, Brooklyn, NY
A New Day - Olivia Tremor Control
1999, Louisiana
Under The Influence - Dr. Didg
1994, U.K.
Se Tche We Djo Mon - TP Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou
1972 - '75, Benin
My Sunshine - Ty Segall
2010, San Francisco
Lake Somerset - Deerhunter
2007, ATL, GA
Alien Rivers - Crystal Stilts
2011, Brooklyn, NY
Be Forewarned - Pentagram
1972, Virginia
When Tomorrow Hits - Spacemen 3
1991, Rugby, U.K.
Periscope - Colour Haze
2004, Munich, Germany

Hear this week's show: "WHEN TOMORROW HITS"

We lived in Lake Somerset
It was south of Dallas Highway
Just east of a drained lake
Orchids dissolve
Equations solved
Psychic landscape
To know there is a limit to what you can experience
These walls I know, I grew up here
(No satisfaction)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Mix # 34

Setlist for 9/16/11


The Lukewarm > Luxury of Infancy
Rapid Fire Tollbooth - (3 tracks) Omar Rodriguez Lopez
2007, California/Amsterdam
Voyage Automatique - 35007
2002, Netherlands
Take A Look - Manta Ray
2003, Spain
Blackeyed Blonde - Red Hot Chili Peppers
1985, Los Angeles
Hurricane Heart Attack - The Warlocks
2002, Los Angeles
Life's A Misery - The Warlocks (old)
1968, Dallas, TX
Don't Want Your Lovin' - The Mark IV
1966, New York
Ando Meio Desligado - Os Mutantes
1970, Brazil
Prophet - Black Merda
1967, Detroit
Black Venom - The Budos Band
2010, N.Y.C.
Cosmic Highway - Les Claypool's Frog Brigade
2002, San Francisco

Listen to this edition of the show here: NOW WHERE 34

Sunday, September 11, 2011


. . . Another expedition into beauty and darkness . . .

Setlist for 9/9/2011

The Narrow Way: Part I - Pink Floyd
1969, U.K.
Saint Cloud - Six Organs of Admittance
Worksong - Grails
2004, U.S.
Pretty Polly - Bert Jansch
1966, U.K.
Embryonic Journey - Jefferson Airplane
1967, San Francisco
Van Bal - Feathers
2005, Vermont
Pilgrimage (Reprise) - Om
2007, California
The Acid Side (portion) - The Nomadia
1972? Germany
Coil - Imaad Wasif
2006, Vancouver
10 Yr Dance - Steve Tibbetts
1979, St. Paul, MN
Blues For Mr. Sam - Stefan Grossman
1972, Brooklyn, NY
The Bee Who Would Not Work - Cul de Sac
1991, Boston, MA
House By The Sea - Iron & Wine
2007, S. Carolina
Give Me All Your Love - Jo Hamann
Unknown, Germany
Irahs - Transatlantic Railroad

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Monday, September 5, 2011

All Tomorrow's Parties. . .

Alright, so exactly one year ago, myself and a couple close friends hit the road in the ol' Volvorine headed to ATP festival up at Kutshers Country Club in Monticello, New York.
The location was the weirdest place we could've expected, the lineup killed it, the people were amazing, the gyros were incredible, the drinks were costly (but trades were welcome), and it was one of the greatest things I've ever embarked on.
There is an unprecedented amount of options in this day and age for music festivals, being one of the greatest ways for industry big-wigs to cash in on the 40th-anniversary fetish with Woodstock nostalgia, But man, 95% of the things ATP has done since their inception seem to be completely off the hook.
Concerned only with keeping it real as fuck, this was neither a hippie granola party,
a corporate mega-monster, or a cross-armed self-important indie hype-off. It was truly a festival of enticing music attracting true fans.
Even if you weren't there, you still might enjoy the set, because I always try to make the hour program as listenable as possible for everyone with an open mynd, so here ya go.

Setlist for September 2, 2011

Ears Have Ears - Beak>
Counting Sevens - White Hills
Akuma No Kuma - Sunn O))) & Boris
Bright Tomorrow - Fuck Buttons
Phosphene Dream - Black Angels
Rook - Apse
Panda - Dungen
Marina - Sleepy Sun
Outta My Head - Wooden Shjips
Losing Momentum (For Jim Jarmusch) - Kurt Vile
Dragonaut - Sleep

The full lineup for 2010 is here.
Info on this year's festivities can be found here.
Support this organisation!

& remember;
Enjoy your Labor Days while you got 'em.

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