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Monday, September 5, 2011

All Tomorrow's Parties. . .

Alright, so exactly one year ago, myself and a couple close friends hit the road in the ol' Volvorine headed to ATP festival up at Kutshers Country Club in Monticello, New York.
The location was the weirdest place we could've expected, the lineup killed it, the people were amazing, the gyros were incredible, the drinks were costly (but trades were welcome), and it was one of the greatest things I've ever embarked on.
There is an unprecedented amount of options in this day and age for music festivals, being one of the greatest ways for industry big-wigs to cash in on the 40th-anniversary fetish with Woodstock nostalgia, But man, 95% of the things ATP has done since their inception seem to be completely off the hook.
Concerned only with keeping it real as fuck, this was neither a hippie granola party,
a corporate mega-monster, or a cross-armed self-important indie hype-off. It was truly a festival of enticing music attracting true fans.
Even if you weren't there, you still might enjoy the set, because I always try to make the hour program as listenable as possible for everyone with an open mynd, so here ya go.

Setlist for September 2, 2011

Ears Have Ears - Beak>
Counting Sevens - White Hills
Akuma No Kuma - Sunn O))) & Boris
Bright Tomorrow - Fuck Buttons
Phosphene Dream - Black Angels
Rook - Apse
Panda - Dungen
Marina - Sleepy Sun
Outta My Head - Wooden Shjips
Losing Momentum (For Jim Jarmusch) - Kurt Vile
Dragonaut - Sleep

The full lineup for 2010 is here.
Info on this year's festivities can be found here.
Support this organisation!

& remember;
Enjoy your Labor Days while you got 'em.

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