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Sunday, September 25, 2011

When Tomorrow Hits...

Setlist for 9/23/11

Allah Wakbarr - Ofo The Black Company
1972, Nigeria
Sunrise - Steve Tibbetts
1977, St. Paul, MN
Sol Y Sambra - Woods
2011, Brooklyn, NY
A New Day - Olivia Tremor Control
1999, Louisiana
Under The Influence - Dr. Didg
1994, U.K.
Se Tche We Djo Mon - TP Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou
1972 - '75, Benin
My Sunshine - Ty Segall
2010, San Francisco
Lake Somerset - Deerhunter
2007, ATL, GA
Alien Rivers - Crystal Stilts
2011, Brooklyn, NY
Be Forewarned - Pentagram
1972, Virginia
When Tomorrow Hits - Spacemen 3
1991, Rugby, U.K.
Periscope - Colour Haze
2004, Munich, Germany

Hear this week's show: "WHEN TOMORROW HITS"

We lived in Lake Somerset
It was south of Dallas Highway
Just east of a drained lake
Orchids dissolve
Equations solved
Psychic landscape
To know there is a limit to what you can experience
These walls I know, I grew up here
(No satisfaction)

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