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Sunday, March 6, 2011


Heds upp: This may not be the one to download, as it was during the spring pledge drive and we talked more than usual. But the tunes are good. Hell, you might find the talking entertaining too. Or you’ll find it super annoying. Either way, here it is. Because people ARE out there downloading.... I've got the stats.

Setlist for 3/4/10

Everything In Its Right Place – Radiohead

2000, England

Nètsanèt (Liberty) – Mulatu Astatque

1973, Ethiopia

....... (break ends @ 14:07)

Black Box – Telepath

2007, worldly recruits

Dada – exmagma

1974, Germany

....... (break ends at 28:35)

I Said, She Said, Ah Cid – The Animated Egg

1968, U.S… somewherrre

Keep it on Ice – Kurt Vile

2008, Philadelpherr

I Can’t Pay You To Disappear – Thee Oh Sees

2009, San Francisco

....... (break ends @ 41:36

Money – Eddy Pollo

197_? unknown? (africa)

Plan, Steal, Drive – Kinski

2007, Seattle


Not Fragile – Acid King

1999, San Fran


em-pree-skree drownload: nowwhere ~ pledge drive $$$$crillah

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