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Sunday, March 4, 2012


Mark McGuire tied up the loose ends and held down the controls to help us get from wherever we were, to wherever we were going. We sailed through the clouds and eventually even left the stratosphere on this one, so thank you for joining us.
Be sure to stick around for Yo La Tengo bringing everything to a graceful crash back to earth, and see you next week.

§etlist for March 2nd, 2012

Flight - Mark McGuire
Ready For Takeoff - Aero Sound
On and On - Nice Nice
Eastern Jam - Country Joe & The Fish
Where Have All the Good Boys Gone - The American Analog Set
No Easy Way Down - The Rain Parade
Perspective From A Slow Spin - him
Airport Boulevard - Yawning Man
Flying Dream 143 - Elbow
Utopian Canyon - Quilt
Oriental Pacific - Lunar Dunes
Go No My Friend (Out Into Space) - The Movements
Fohat Digs Holes in Space - Gong
Guacamole Window - 3 Leafs
Tempel Iaru - Pyramidal
Space Vixens Theme - Spindrift
Sunholes - MV & EE
Radio Flyer - Mark McGuire
Dr. Crash - Yo La Tengo

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  1. Special Thanks to the boys in 3 Leafs! All their music's alive and well on their bandcamp at http://3leafs.bandcamp.com/ Go check it out!