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Sunday, April 24, 2011


Setlist for 22nd of April, 2011

The Absurd Paranoid - Perry Leopold
1970, Philadelphia
Rotten Shade - Alexander Tucker
2006, England
Wine and Roses - John Fahey
1964, Maryland
Ragged Wood - Fleet Foxes
2008, Seattle
Slum Goddess - The Fugs
1965, New York
It Didn't Take Long - Gary Higgins
1973, Connecticut
Hippie, Hippie, Hourrah - Jacques DuTronc
1966, Paris, France
Always - Junip
2010, Gothenburg, Sweden
Nostradamus - Al Stewart
1973, Glasgow, Scotland
Banjo - Kaleidoscope
1969, Los Angeles
Black Mountain Side - Led Zeppelin
1969, England

-- and for those that didn't know;

*I actually stole this title from another very
well put-together program on 1190,
that I forgot to mention on-air.
If you enjoyed this set,

Now I know it sounds like a cruel, sick joke, but the domain for the
archive at the radio station crashed and melted last week, so an MP3
for this edition of Now Where is unfortunately never going to be available.
- Cal

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  1. ...It was a really good one, too.
    Some of those fades and segues were heavenly...