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Sunday, November 6, 2011

DaydaDay, HourdaHour

\Setlist for 11\4\11\

Hello To The Cities > Dead Cats, Dead Rats > Break on Through - The Doors
1970, L.A.
Freedom Jazz Dance - Brian Auger's Oblivion Express
1972, London
Manipulation (by request) - Black Angels
2005, Austin
Codeine (Demo) - Donovan
1964, U.K.
Mohammed - Dandy Warhols
2000, Portland
Mirrored And Reverse - White Denim
2009, Austin
America - Dragon
1977, Brussels, Belgium
The PArty Which You Know Will Be Heavy - Kinski
2005, Seattle
Soul Vibrations - Dorothy Ashby
1968, Detroit
A Love Supreme - John Mahavishnu McLaughlin & Carlos Devadip Santana
1972* (I said '74, I misspoke), N.Y.C.


Show: ~and tell~

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