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Monday, November 28, 2011


~setlist for 11.25.11~

Brainwave > All The Stars - NOMO
2008, Ypsilanti, MI
A Joy - Four Tet
2005, U.K.
At Giza - Om
2006, CA
This Can't Be Today - The Rain Parade
1983, Los Angeles, CA
Mind Eraser-X - Replicast
2010, CO
Doldrums - Cul De Sac
1996, Boston, MA
Samba de Primavera - Yawning Man
2005, The Desert
Sur Efim Atini - Mazhar Ve Faut/Turkuz Turku Cagiririz
1968, Turkey
Fake Song - Thee Oh Sees
2009, San Francisco

{[[ The last song cuts out about a minute early, so here's a review
I wrote of their concert on 11/26 to balance things out. Pictured is
the LP you heard (Dog Poison) with John Dwyer's autograph on it.
Fuq yeah! ]]}


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