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Monday, December 5, 2011

Mynd Transferral.. .. ..

setlist for 12:2:11

Intro: Negrito
Slip Inside This House - 13th Floor Elevators
1967, Austin, TX
Mind Transferral - Davie Allan & The Arrows
1967, SoCal
Chasing Shadows - Deep Purple
1969, U.K.
Cream Puff War (long version) - Grateful Dead
1967, San Francisco
Ed Is A Portal - Akron/Family
2007, Brooklyn
Fixing A Hole - The Beatles
1967, U.K.
And You Tried So Hard - Gong
1971, France
I Don't Care What People Say - Silver Apples
recorded 1969 - not released until 1998, New York
Psychedelic Man - De Frank & His Professionals
unknown, Ghana
Aggression - Gila
1971, Germany

No audio this week. When you place too much stock into this series of silicon semiconductors and copper circuits, the odds are simply against you.
Technical difficulties have to rear their heads sometimes, but luckily,
the 45th edition of NOW WHERE just may surface in the future.
Stay tuned.

(( UPDATE ))

archive now available:

Be Swell, ya'll.

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