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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Backward Glasses // Anno Domini

:: :: §etlist for August 24th, 2012 :: ::

Sometimes - Beach Fossils - 2010
Crazy Rulers Of The World - Surf City - 2010
I Wanted Everything - Kurt Vile - 2010
Feelin' Fine - MV & EE - 2009
Friendship RD - Vampire Hands - 2009
Haze On the Mobius Strip - Dinowalrus - 2009
Bless You - Hush Arbors - 2008
Don't Go To Hell Without Me - House on Fire - 2008
Migration Wind - White Denim - 2008
Breathe Hold - Conifer - 2008
Inventions - Maserati - 2007
Moonburn - Citay - 2007
Meditation - Prints - 2007
Argentina Turner - Kinski - 2007
The Outer Rim - Mammatus - 2006
Show Business - Howlin' Rain - 2006
Viva Max - Black Lipstick - 2005
Drannel Xu IIop - My Sleeping Karma - 2005
Hoffmanns Mahl (The Dwarves of Yore) - Weltraumstaunen - 2004
Count Backwards To Black - Black Moth Super Rainbow - 2004
Many In High Places Are Not Well - him - 2003
120e7 - De Facto - 2001
Into The Hole - Yume Bitsu - 2000

<ambient bluez til dawn>

So we got back on that theme-show tip - with this week's edition looking 
back in time at some quality releases of the first 10 years of the 21st Century.
We focused our lenses on more of the lesser-known side of contemporary Psychedelia,
so while you won't find any Black Mountain or Deerhunter or Tame Impala - these are still 
all albums that I feel never quite got the attention they deserved. Some dastardly good fun was 
had on the mixing board toward the end, so if you stick around for the whole Yume Bitsu track, you shall be rewarded.

Thanks for checking in.
Let's make these last few shows count.


  1. Hey Cal,
    What's the go mate... are you going to set up another show somewhere....? and why are you getting the arse from the radio station...??
    You've got a cracking show....

  2. Proggy, It's the kind support from folks like you that have kept this thing goin as long as it has. But at this point, we're all seeing the end of the show as it is. It may re-emerge with new form at some point, but that point lies somewhere around the bend.
    The radio station has got nothing to do with me leaving and will actually be airing re-runs that you'll be able to catch in the same time slot (don't know if you're in CO or not, but yeah).

  3. Hey Cal,
    I'm in Australia...btw... got any recommendations of people doing similar podcasts/radio shows like you...??

  4. Maybe check out http://mindmondo.blogspot.com/
    Some blokes that also used to be with 1190 run that and still occasionally make podcasts. Definitely more ambient and experimental than most of my sets, but worth checking out.

  5. Hey Prog, in case you were still on the hunt for good streams of ROCK content, check out Beyond Is Beyond Radio. Also evolved into a record label and has turned out some really cool albums already.