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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Skipping Stones, Skipping Responsibilities...

§etlist for Augustus 3rd, 2012

ProphetJakob Skøtt - Denmark, 2012

CurrentJonas Munk - Denmark, 2012
Smog - Dug Dugs - Mexico, 1972
Poltergeists Grazing - Alexander Tucker - U.K. 2008
Cloud One - The Alps - 2008
The Kibitzer - Stained Glass - 1969
We Did It Again - The Soft Machine - U.K. 1968
Helium Head (I Got A Love)Sir Lord Baltimore (read: first use of the term "heavy metal" - but you knew that, huh?)- 1970
Losing Touch With My Mind - Spacemen 3 - U.K. 1986
Sounds Like 69Christian Bland and The Revelators - 2012
Don't Look Away - Brian Auger's Oblivion Express - U.K. 1972
Still - Dead Sea Apes - U.K. 2012
Vibrations (August) - Hal Blaine - 1967
Quasar One - Ramases - 1971
Stoned - N.S.U. - Scotland, 1969
Shape Of Things To Come - Davie Allan & The Arrows - 1968
Everybody Daylight - Brightblack Morning Light - 2006
When Are You Going To Lose Your Mind? - cavedweller - 2011
Peace, Brothers & Sisters! - Colour Haze - Germany, 2005

So this was episode number 78. I apologize dearly for the lack of upkeep to the blog this week, and unfortunately for any fans that may have been waiting patiently for the podcast to surface -- well, it won't. 
Apparently this one was a real face-melter - even the station's digital server got its face melted - making the audio unavailable 'til further, or farther notice. But at least my float trip down the Colorado River was excellent, thanks for asking.

And if you really want to hear me unleashing my usual slew of "umms" in a formal setting, here's an interview with King Buzzo, of the Melvins. I was filling in during the day and had no idea this would be happening until a listener called in and said "so when are you gonna be interviewing Buzz Osbourne, BRO?" 
A lively (and very on-the-fly) chat followed.

Cheers, love, all that.

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