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Monday, July 18, 2011

"Why Oh Why"

Sooo, the mic broke.
The channel levels bounced every time I spoke, leaving me to think they were working normally. But apparently they weren't sending, so there are at least two odd sections of laid back hip hop beats where I was sitting there talking to no one. Shitty.
Welp, here's what happened anyway~~~

We started everything off with Comets on Fire, with what might be my favorite track of their entire repertoire. Those bird sounds at the end faded into the primal yet intricate drumbeat of the last 9-minute passage of Santana's Caravanserai album, which eventually turns into a furious instrumental that is about as jazzy as "rock" can be. Critics mostly panned this record upon release, as the group abandoned the popular format of "Oye Como Va" and "Black Magic Woman", favoring instead true album-long pieces of art, where each song flows into the next. A stellar piece of work in the grand scheme of things, people really just didn't 'get it' at the time and probably 'get it' even less now. Shame. That was followed by two songs contrasting the differences between the mid sixties fuzz-rock scenes in North America and Europe, by bands called Satan & The D Men, and The Orange Machine, respectively. The Japanese Flied Egg came after that with some good old-fashioned riff rock, leading into some good new-fashioned riff rock by Greece's Nightstalker. We then hit a break (around :30 min. in) with some Madlib beats laying real low in the mix, but no talking. So skipping ahead, we get to the second half of the show, featuring a very different hue of the Psychedelic spectrum, -- the decidedly noisy fusion of electronic music alongside real instruments. Starting with HEALTH, we also heard from Fuck Buttons, Holy Fuck, Battles, Echocentrics, and finally an eerie hip hop production from Nobody, with ultra slick vocal stylings by Medusa. If you liked this last cut, definitely tune in next week, cuz we got somethin' real special in the works. I rounded out the set with an acidic tangent from Guru Guru, but brought it all home with some dub from Sound Dimension to lighten the mood.

Setlist for 7/15/2011

Jaybird - Comets on Fire
2006, US
Every Step of The Way - Santana
1972, US
She'll Lie - Satan & The D Men
1966, Ontario Canada
You Can All Join In - The Orange Machine
1966 or 67, Dublin, Ireland
Rolling Down The Broadway - Flied Egg
1972, Japan
Enough is Not Enough - Nightstalker
2009, Greece
Triceratops - HEALTH
2007, US
Rough Steez - Fuck Buttons
2009, Bristol UK
Frenchy's - Holy Fuck
2007, Ontario Canada
Tras 3 - Battles
2004, US
Engines of Solitude - Echocentrics
2011, US
Fiend or The Fix (featuring Medusa) - Nobody
2000, US

Next Time See You At The Dalai Lama - Guru Guru

1970, Germany

Why Oh Why - Sound Dimension

??, Jamaica

Good night. You can download the hour-long program here, for free, of course.

Stay true everybody.

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