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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Revolutions in Hip Hop

For tonight's segment, I called upon my good buddy Kahlil to
come co-host an all Hip Hop / Rap exclusive.
It was mad fun and is probably one of the better shows on the
blog right now. Get it while you can.

s e t l i s t f o r 7 . 22 . 11

Making Planets - Edan w/Mr. Lif
2005, Baltimore
Jet Son - Blockhead
2004, NYC
Impending Doom - Daedelus w/MF Doom
2005, Santa Monica, CA
Forest Crunk - Aesop Rock
2002, NY
Fast Lane - King Geedorah
2003, NYC
Wildchild - Oh No
2009, Oxnard, CA
Nice To Meet You - S.Maharba
2010, UK
Postmeridian - Count Bass D
2006, NY
Whatever's Clever - Stellar Trax Soundsystem
2000, San Francisco
Soul Traveling - Gary Wilson
2003, NYC
Malcolm was Here Pts. 1 & 2 - J. Rocc
2011, Los Angeles
Lick The Witch (ft. Rob Sonic) - Tobacco
2010, Pennsylvania
The Healer - Erykah Badu
2008, Dallas
Further Explorations Into The Black Hole - DJ Z-Trip
2000, Phoenix
Avalanche & Victory Lap - Madvillain
2011, NYC, LA
Battle Rhymes For Battle Times - Koushik
2002, Ontario, Canada
Apt. A - Side 1 - CLOUDDEAD
Faces of The Deep - Nobody
2000, LA

A series of eerie beats, mind-expanding lyrics, and head-spinning
This has been a very special edition of NOW WHERE:

~Thanks for listnin~

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