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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lightening & Darkening

^^Yes, I actually did this on the air.^^

Setlist for 7/29/2011

feel heavy, get lifted...

a series of hi's and lo's from your
favorite weekly broadcast

1997, OKlahoma
Upon Arrival - White Hills
2011, NY
Rainmaker - Traffic
1971, London
After Eden - Lumerians
2011, Oakland, CA
California Dreamin' (single version) - Eddie Hazel (pictured)
1977, NYC
All Night Long - Bongoes Ikwue
1975, Nigeria
When I Was Yesterday - Brian Jonestown Massacre
2003, San Francisco
When Leon Spinx Moved To Town - Califone
2003, Chicago
Snow Flower - Ananda Shankar
1970, India
China (single version) - Electric Sandwich
1972, Germany
Light Light Light - White Denim
2010, Austin TX
The Golden Hour Part I & Part II - The Electronic Hole
1970, SoCal


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