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Monday, January 16, 2012

50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain

Setlist for Friday The 13th, 2012

(Bharatanatyam) > Kobwebs* - Gonjasufi (*If the intro to this song doesn't frighten you, please see a psychologist)
2010, San Diego
Apothecaries' Weight - Kyuss
1992, Palm Desert
Snow Goddess - Sleepy Sun
2009, San Francisco
Lonely - Jake Holmes
1967, San Fran
Atomized - Alexander Tucker
2011, Kent, England
The Fourth Dimension - The Ventures
1964, Tacoma, WA
Crying At The Aquarium - The Octopus Project
2002, Austin, TX
Druganaut - Black Mountain
2005, Vancouver
Read A Book - Cerebrum
1969/70, SPAIN
21st Century Schizoid Man - King Crimson
What Does Your Soul Look Like>
50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain - Ten Years After
1970, Nottingham, England


Let's try this...
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I also forgot to mention that this was my 50th show.
Thanks for being there.

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