Each week, COSMIC TONES offers an examination of movements in Psychedelia and
all sorts of eclectic music from around the world.
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Saturday, January 7, 2012

First episode of Cosmic Tones // Backward Glasses Finale

---The name has changed, but the song remains the same.---

Setlist for 1/6/12

Fire! Fire!! (13:08) > Pagan Moonbeam (3:47) - My Brother The Wind
Åmål, Sweden
Dream of Vodyanoy - The Re-Stoned
Moscow, Russia
Sunday #1 - Papir
a blizzard, Denmark
Kleiner Knaller - Electric Moon
Calalini Rises - Lumerians
Oakland, CA
The Vessel - Hills
Gothenburg, Sweden

Download the show by clicking H E A R
~Also, I'm not sure if I am going to start using this, but it does allow you to listen to the show without downloading it to your computer. It's a cool project either way, so check it out. Radio4all
[And I wouldn't say this if it weren't true; but these past three "Year-End" shows are some of the best on the archive. highly recommended.]

If you are interested in finding more great music of this ilk, these are basically the best labels to check out.


  1. Digging the show…always happy to see Electric Moon make it stateside…and Hills…two tops from '11…