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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So, since I've already put the work in for people like this and this, I figured why not post this blogony (*coined* you heard it here first) in with your favorite soup of sights and sounds that is Cosmic Tones For Mental Therapy.

[Oh and by the way, I kinda write for The Denver Post now. Guess we'll see where that goes...]

More hyping of this past expanse of time that no one is really sure what to call...

Favorite songs

∆//////////////////A guide to 2011’s Best Psychedelic Albums://////////////////∆

|Transmalinnia| – Lumerians (Knitting Factory)

|Sun and Shade| – Woods (Woodsist)

|Is Growing Faith| – White Fence (Woodsist)

|Through The Donkey Jaw| – Amen Dunes, (Sacred Bones)

|Hazed Dream| – Psychic Ills (Sacred Bones)

|In Love With Oblivion| – Crystal Stilts (Slumberland)

|Carrion Crawler / The Dream EP| – Thee Oh Sees (In The Red)

|The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz| – Radio Moscow (Alive)

|Diaper Island| - Chad Vangaalen (Sub Pop)

|Getting Paid| – Zechs Marquise (Sargent House)

|936| – Peaking Lights (Not Not Fun)

|Lifeboats and Follies| – Tommy Guerrero (Galaxia)

|S/T| – Quilt (Mexican Summer)

|Country Stash| – MV & EE (Three Lobed Recordings)

|Beyond The 4th Door| – Eternal Tapestry (Thrill Jockey)

|Pewt’r Sessions Vol. 1| – Causa Sui (El Paraiso)

|Stundum| – Papir (El Paraiso)

|I Wash My Soul In The Stream of Infinity| – My Brother The Wind (Transubstans)

|Analog| – The Re-Stoned (R.I.A.G.)

|Master Sleeps| – Hills (Transubstans)

|Neverendless| – CAVE (Drag City)

∆\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Assorted other releases that kick ass:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

|Some Cold Rock Stuf| – J.Rocc (Stones Throw)

|Odd Seasons| – Oddisee (Mello Music Group)

|Classic| – MED (Stones Throw)

|Do Whatever You Want All The Time| – Ponytail

|Tassili| – Tinariwen (Wedge)

|Gloss Drop| – Battles (Warp)

|Maria Kapel| – Six Organs of Admittance (Pavillion)

|D| – White Denim (Downtown Records)

|S/T| – Gardens and Villa (Secretly Canadian)

|Innings| – NODZZZ (Woodsist)

|Apacalypse| – Bill Callahan (Drag City)

|Take Care, Take Care, Take Care| – Explosions In The Sky (Temporary Residence)

|VDSQ Solo Acoustic Guitar, Vols. 4, 5, 6| (Vin Du Select Qualitite)

|Of The Days| – Grey Reverend (Motion Audio)

|Arabia Mountain| – The Black Lips (Vice Music Inc)

|The Mistress| - Yellow Ostrich (Barsuk)

|Shadow Sessions| – The Webelos (Self-released)

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The repetitiveness of social media is ruining me.

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